Hey, my name’s Ricardo Sanchez. I’m a young aspiring artist in Seattle, Washington. I’m currently a high school student and hope to attend The New School in a couple of years to study design.

I started this website to host my portfolio and to act as my creative space.

Some background info about me… I am very passionate about design and film making and have been since I was 8 years old. Back then, I carried a journal around and would sketch fancy cars or anything else I thought was cool. Over the years, I’ve created many YouTube channels (most of which I am not entirely proud of) with content varying from Lego tutorials to short films. Each and every day I find myself being inspired by music and films.

Although I feel as if I am still discovering my style of creative content, it has been very exciting realizing my innate desire to create. I hope you like what you see on this website.


What is Magnifico?

Magnifico is only the name of my collective of work. At least for right now.

The future of Magnifico, at least the plan, is to expand it to a fully functional production company rather than just my portfolio.

My work contains films, photograph collectives, graphic designs, and other projects such as Youth in Cinema (summer camp).